Can you save Wizard City? Edit

Wizard101 is a downloadable MMORPG where you play as a Student Wizard in a magic school known as Ravenwood. You can train to be any of 7 types of wizards:Fire, Ice, Myth, Life, Death, Storm, or Balance. This game is a lot like ToonTown, only

An image from the website.

free players get to do more stuff without playing for a membership. There are plenty of things to do here; Get a pet, get a catsle, decorate your dorm with lots of cool furniture, buy crowns to get access to paid areas, duel others, battle monsters, do quest, update your look, chat with friends, visit your teachers and train for spells, and tons more!!!

Free to play trial version, costs real money to get a prenium membership and/or crowns.

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